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India Tribals In Ministry (ITIM)


India Tribals In Ministry staff workers

Facts About India: Official name Republic of India, Capital City New Delhi, Total states 24, languages 650 local dialects & 42 major languages, Official Currency Rupee, Religions 83% Hinduism, 14%  Muslims,3 %  Christians, population Over 1 Billion, Idol Worship to gods 33 million, Tribal Groups Over 3,000, Literacy 20%, Uneducated 80%, unreached villages more than 52,000.

Where are the people who have not yet heard about Jesus?


More than two-thirds of all humanity, have yet to be evangelized.  We are ashamed that so many have been neglected; it is a standing rebuke to us and to the whole Church.  There is now, however, in many parts of the world an unprecedented receptivity to the Lord Jesus Christ.  We are convinced that this is the time for churches and para-church agencies to pray earnestly for the salvation of the unreached and to launch new efforts to achieve world evangelization.  

The goal should be, by all available means and at the earliest possible time, that every person will have the opportunity to hear, understand, and to receive the good news.  We cannot hope to attain this goal without sacrifice.  All of us are shocked by the poverty of millions and disturbed by the injustices which cause it.  Those of us who live in affluent circumstances accept our duty to develop a simple life-style in order to contribute more generously to both relief and evangelism.

ITIM Staff Providing The Food For The Needy Tribal Families according to  Mark 6 :34
Soul Like Us, And She Need To Hear The Gospel Of Jesus Christ To Be Saved.

Few of the ITIM Staff Praying For Their Daily Bread and The Mission Field work; Support A Worker For $60  A month.

ITIM Literacy Education

This program takes care of totally illiterate and ignorant groups by teaching the basic immediate needs to bring them to the love of Christ.  Looking at the present trends, we use this as a magnet to attract more and more people, based on their prevailing situation. 
It was always my desire to bring the Gospel where Jesus Christ was not  Rom.15:20

 ITIM Staff Carrying The School Supplies

Theres No Transportation Available to Reach These Schools.
The Bible says, Whatever You Have Done Unto The Least Of These You Have Done Unto Me..       
ITIM Coordinator Providing School Supplies To Different Staff Workers For The Literacy Program                   

 ITIM Provides, Clothing, School Supplies, Medicine, and Financial Help To These Most Needy People Who Are Living Under Severe Poverty

ITIM Providing Food And Clothes For The Needy Tribal People Through Sharing And Caring
ITIM Staff Worker Sharing Christ With Tribal Family

Lifestyle Of A Tribal Family Living In The Jungle

ITIM Outreach Ministries

A word from John Graham.   
As followers of Jesus Christ we face an important question: How we build a disciples in the 21st century?  One way you build a disciple today is by involving him or her in missions.  There was a time too long ago when missions meant sending out a person with an extraordinary call to serve the seas in some isolated setting.  Today missions is for all of us.  Few years ago I visited a mission office in India .  I have seen a small plaque on the secretary desk that reads, Live with passion.?   I have seen it a quite few times, and often wondered  how do you actually Live with passion? 

Colossians 3: 23.  (NASB) says, œwhatever you  do, do your work heartily, ask for the Lord rather than for men.?  We are called to live passionately by working heartily for God!
Hebbel, a famous German poet once said, Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.?  I believe that, especially when it comes to ministry. 
Yes, thank you for your passion for the Tribals of India.

We Tried To Show Them The Compassion Of Christ
Who do we minister to?
All nations: We must teach unbelievers.  Every person in every nation is to hear the Gospel.  We accomplish this through teaching and preaching Gods Word.  Read Luke 14:23.  Jesus said to the servants, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.?


Disciples must reproduce themselves.  If the Church is not reproducing itself, it has become weak and sterile.  For the Church to remain strong, vibrant and alive, multiplication is the key-reaching the world and fulfilling the Great Commission. (Matthew 24:14)  We can summarize our Mission by this statement.  As the Father sent Jesus, so are we sent to accomplish similar purposes.  His Mission is our Mission .  This is what India Tribals in Ministry is doing in India .
Support the ITIM Childrens Bible Club

ITIM is currently working with the Tribals of India with a compassion in action for the Childrens Bible Clubs in various tribal colonies.  Many of India s tribal children encounter massive problems.  These clubs transform the lives and hearts of little ones as they struggle against: illiteracy, disease, abusive child labor, spiritual bondage to cruel, vengeful Gods.  ITIM Childrens Bible clubs are welcome in the tribal colonies as an open door.  Our clubs are held in place where children cannot attend school.  

ITIM teachers are trained in craft ideas, puppetry, games, scripture story telling techniques, and class management.  The befits of ITIM Childrens Bible Clubs include: introducing children to their Creator, encouraging prayer, encouraging school attendance, encouraging older children to develop natural talents.  Compassion is a deep yearning that responds to the needs of people.  Its much deeper than sympathy.  Sympathy can just sit around feeling sorry for people but compassion has to do something for these tribal kids.
  Jesus has send you to reach out and touch a love-starved world with his compassion.  If you dont do it, who will?
Sponsor A Child
Let God Use You In A Special Way !
 India Tribals In Ministry 2013
Jesus loves children.  How it must grieve Him to know that thousands of the worlds poorest children (especially tribal kids) today face a lifetime of suffering and hardship.  They are unable to attend school, constantly exposed to hunger and disease and maybe neglected and abused.  Worst of all, many will never learn about God who loves them so much. Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. “Matthew 18:5
God can use you to help a child.
As a sponsor, you can become a special friend to a child living in a developing country.  Youll be personally linked with a child who will know your name, write to you and treasure the thought that you care.

Your support of $25 each month provides:

  • .educational opportunities
  • .basic health services
  • .opportunities to be encouraged, loved, guided and valued

In short, you'll be giving your child hope for the future.
Also, you are sharing your love and your faith with a child
Here's how to begin.
Take the first step today!  Join the growing number of people who have discovered the special joy of sponsoring a child in need through India Tribals In Ministry !

ITIM Sharing and Caring
You can buy a Bible for $3.00 each
ITIM Outreach Ministry ITIM Staff Witnessing
One of the ITIMs Prayer House in the tribal community.

  • Church planting among Tribals
  • Rehabilitation Center for Tribals
  • Contribution of cloths and food for poor



  • Tribal people
  • Run schools for Tribals
  • Run a hospital for needy tribals;
  • Need a hospital and clinic for the poor
  • Computer institute for neglected poor and needy.
  • Train tribals in tailoring & provide machines for  livelihood 
  • Hostel for orphan children and elderly

This ministry is a faith based mission. For more information you can contact the below address. I am planning to visit the mission field at the end of November 2103 for the annual pastors conference and Bible Kids Clubs program. I used to go two times a year. My next trip is on November 2103.  We have already planted over a 100 churches.  We support leprosy, evangelism, and handicaps monthly. I need your support with any of the above needs. Thank You.

John Graham
India Tribals In Ministry 
P.O. Box- 851112
Mesquite, Texas 75185- 1112
Website: www.indiatribals.com

Full Newsletter attached below for download

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